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Franchise Buffalo wings have been so ingrained in our national food culture that it is hard to remember life before wings. But like cell phones and DVD players, Buffalo wings have been around for a lot shorter time than most people think. From the origin in 1964 to today, however, wings are a prime example of a food that incorporates so many of the traits our culture is known for.

Franchise There is something for most people to like about Buffalo wings and for those many reasons the food has spread rapidly from its origin in Buffalo, New York, and is now part of our national food culture, no longer something you can find only in the Northeastern United States.

And now, you can make your fortune selling wings in your area. You've made a great decision, considering the fact that from Florida to Washington, the wing loving market continues to grow. But now you have an even more important decision to make: Which wing franchise to operate?

Since there are several wing franchises that offer unique investment opportunities, how do you decide which company is the right one for you? Several factors may affect your decision:

Ultimate Wings provides you with the answers to these questions and with helpful details that will influence your choice of a wing franchise. Click on the links to the right to find reviews and detailed information for the most popular wing franchises in existence.

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